Yokomo Master Speed MS1.0 Carbon Chassis Competition Touring

Reference: YOK-MSR-010

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Yokomo Master Speed MS1.0 Carbon Chassis Competition Touring

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The new MS1.0, the latest competition touring car that speed category racers have been waiting for, is now available! It has already proven its performance to bring a definite upgrade, winning races in which prototypes have been entered. The overall suspension is supple, but with reduced un-sprung weight and alignment settings, the MS1.0 has a more responsive ride.

Type A newly adopted in MS1.0 The standard upper arm is an integrated plastic type that is easy to adjust.

The standard A-type upper arm is an easy-to-adjust plastic type, and a turnbuckle-adjustable type is also available as an option. Other is a lightweight lower arm made of graphite.

Other features include graphite lightweight lower arms, a slim T-shaped upper deck, and new Yokomo shocks and springs that flex and absorb to the road surface. The main chassis is also available in graphite chassis or hard aluminium chassis, so you can choose the one that best suits your driving surface.

Suspension with newly adopted upper and lower A-arms. The upper arm is made of one-piece plastic for easy setting, and the turnbuckle adjustable type is selectable for free alignment setting.

The motor mount and upper deck are also newly designed. The upper deck, in particular, has a simple shape and is flexible, taking advantage of the flexing and resilience of the graphite material.

Yokomo shocks and springs provide a lower centre of gravity. Graphite lower suspension arms have also been significantly lightened, and overall the suspension material is slightly softer than before.

NOTE: This product is Car Kit ONLY. Does not include electronics, body shell or wheels & tires.

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