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Noble NB4-Pro Transmitter...
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Noble NB4-Pro Transmitter 2x Receivers

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Noble NB4-Pro Transmitter 2x Receivers

The Noble Pro breaks traditional standards with new ideas and offers extensive setting options for racers, crawlers and other RC vehicles. This 18CH transmitter with 7 channel modes is ideal for any terrain and shows top performance even in the most difficult situations. In addition, the new 2CH "Extreme Mode" with a new frequency algorithm ensures unimagined performance with only little delay.

Master Drift MD1.0 Red...
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Master Drift MD1.0 Red Version -...

Price €719.00

Master Drift MD1.0 Red Version - Limited Release

A limited colour version of the drift car "MD 1.0", which is advanced and innovative, and brings together Yokomo's best performance. A high-end machine that incorporates functions and structures for drifting. From the drive system to the suspension, it is the content that embodies the desires of drift experts.

Yokomo Master Off-Road...
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Yokomo Master Off-Road MO2.0 4wd...

Price €649.00

Master Off-Road MO2.0 is now available, which brings out stability through habit-free cornering while increasing the speed range!

Ackermann ratio is optimized by changing the tie rod mounting position. Achieves habit-free cornering.

Lighter front and rear bulkheads. Rigidity balance has also been reviewed to improve crash resistance.

Newly developed one-way slipper. Excessive traction to the front is released to gain turning ability and stability.

Yokomo Master Speed BDFWD...
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Yokomo Master Speed BDFWD Competition...

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Yokomo Master Speed BDFWD Competition FWD Touring Car

The FWD touring car with stable and enjoyable handling has evolved to the latest specifications, equipped with graphite suspension arms, which are the mainstream today, and a thoroughly lowered center of gravity!

Yokomo Super Drift SD 1.0...
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Yokomo Super Drift SD 1.0 Assembly Kit

Price €519.00

Yokomo Super Drift SD 1.0 Assembly Kit

Customizing a car is one of the great pleasures of radio-controlled cars. Especially for drift cars, in addition to setting and tuning parts, there are many dress-up parts available, and depending on the combination, it is possible to create "the world's only original machine". Of course, the SD1.0 can also be used for a wide range of driving performance, and it is attractive for its wide range of adjustability to any road conditions and any driving style.