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Trinity has been in business now for 30+ years and the excitement and drive is the same as it was when we first pulled into Rattey’s parking lot many years ago.

Trinity was founded with very humble beginnings in 1980 in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, by Ernest N. Provetti.

Known as an innovator and a maverick, Provetti took many chances in building his company with the thousand dollar loan he received from his immigrant grandfather and the love and loyalty of his mother, Angela. Those risks went from “putting his house as collateral to buy the entire first run of a new launch of Sanyo batteries which would change the way R/C people raced to taking on R.O.A.R and making the first “rebuildable” stock motor when people said the idea would fail. He was a maverick to the point where he wanted to see new trends and new things developed to change the way people raced their R/C cars for the better.

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